Version 0.1

1. For version for testing

Version 0.2

1. add direct checkout “buy Now” button (skip some uneccessary step)
2. add topup page (customer only)
3. custom purchase which can fill in any amount and customer note (footer menu)

Version 0.3

1. vendor purchase get 83%
total amount –
withdrawal amount – (all order have to be completed or else it will not count here)
2. Topup page –
3. Topup pending page for admin to check and approve
4. topup (offline) from vendor staff now is immediate.(Transfer page)
5. extra point reward from vendor staff now is immediate. (Transfer page)

Version 0.4

1. employer or ur and hairstory created
2. Reviews can only be left by “verified owners” which mean purchaser.
3. listing card: disable avatar and start rating
4. searching page only region and search keywords

Version 0.5

1. retina logo added
2. website color style changed
3. color code: blue: #64cce9, red: #ee277d.
4. mobile menu added shops, deals, category and menu.